Four Adventure Activities that Will Get You High on Adrenaline

Everyone has a personal take on adventure. What is extreme for one person may seem like a walk in the park for another. But despite the differences in perspectives there are activities that bring out the inner explorer and adventurer from everyone. Adventure trips are the best times to push the boundaries of your comfort zone farther than before. And saying yes to some adrenaline-pumping activities is a great way to see how far you can go beyond your limits.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping often makes it on the list of adventure enthusiasts. You do not have to be an avid thrill seeker to consider giving it a try. There are many things that make for this exciting experience. The height, the anticipation, the build-up, and the sensation of falling are among the things that make it a truly unique experience. There are many facilities that offer an unforgettable experience across the globe. The 43-meter drop from the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand may not be as high as the scarier bungee jumping points nowadays, but it is still popular among many adventurers. The Verzasca Dam in Ticino, Switzerland is also a famous bungee jump destination, especially for those who want to have a James Bond experience.



Hiking and mountaineering are synonymous with adventures. There are always something new to see and experience as you find yourself trekking across the great outdoors. Different terrains, landscapes, and trails all make each hike or mountain trek unique. Each has its own set of challenges that often allow you to discover more about yourself.

Rain Forest Adventures

amazon adventure

A rain forest adventure is not something many people get the chance to do. The Amazon Rain Forest is the ultimate place to experience what could be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. An eco-tour in the midst of Amazon is something that will not only leave you with great memories. It can also be fodder for many interesting tales in more years to come.



Not many people are able to pluck the courage to go for a skydiving adventure. The thought of falling from a great height and having to control your descent for a safe landing back on solid ground can be anxiety inducing, especially for people who may not be too fond of heights. But given the chance, it is something that should be worth a spot on your adventure bucket list. Imagine all the things you see and feel as you jump off the plane up to the time you have your feet firmly on the ground.

Live Actively by Spray-Painting

Spray-painting has been known to boost one’s creativity. It’s an excellent way to test your imagination and improve your cognitive function. Spray-painting is a fun activity, but what can it offer for your active lifestyle?


If you thought of “better motor skills” or anything related to that, then you’re correct. Spray-painting sharpens the motor skills by requiring you to practice and practice over and over. It enhances your hand to eye coordination. It makes your eyes and hands more active than ever before.

The Exercise You Never Realized Was an Exercise

HomeRight-C800879-Power-Flo-Pro-2800Spray-painters love the idea of painting not because it’s only fun to distribute paint through spraying, but also because it enables them to somehow perform a mild exercise. They need to move around when spray-painting, which means their feet and legs have to be strong enough to endure the standing and walking from one point to another. Some paintsprayers are also huge, so carrying them, transporting them, and handling them is also a physical challenge that can activate those sleeping muscles you have in your body. Painting the exterior parts of a house is even a better workout for your body. Because of the wide area you have to cover with paint, you’ll have to move from place to place. And that, of course, will cause you to sweat, which means you’re burning fats too! It may sound a bit absurd, but it’s true.

As a painter, you don’t have one responsibility alone; you need to prepare the surfaces that will receive the paint too. This means you’ll also do some cleaning and removing of old paint so that the new paint will be correctly installed. And trust me; the preparation process itself is already an excellent exercise for your body. If cleaning floors, walls, and ceilings won’t make you perspire, then you’re probably not human. The point is, painting is the workout you never thought could be so beneficial to your active lifestyle. On top of that, you may even need to sand some surfaces! Using a sander is definitely a workout too!


So, if you’re a painter who hates exercising but knows you need it, then here’s some good news for you: Your spray-painting profession is already a workout in itself! You’re not only having a lot of fun; you even have an active lifestyle. What could be better than that?

If you’re not a painter yet, then I suggest you grab one of the best-rated airless paint spray guns today and start living an active lifestyle in a unique way!

Finish It with A Finishing Nailer!

Did you know that building stuff with wood is a low-impact exercise? It may be unusual, but woodworking can help you have an active lifestyle while making you creative, resourceful, and productive too!

One of the best ways to start woodworking is to try simple DIY projects, and you can do that with the ol’ reliable finishing nailer. This tool is also known as a finish nail gun, and is used to shoot nails to softwood, plywood, hardwood, and trim boards. It allows the user to quickly finish the tasks by eliminating the time for hammering nails.

For those who do not know the proper way of using a finishing nailer, finish nailing can be a hard task, which is why we’re here to tackle that.

Below are the steps on how to use a finish nail gun.


1: Load the nails into the magazine

Here’s an instructional video on how to load a finish nailer.


2: Position the finish nail tip’s center

Identify the spot where you need the nail to go. If you want, you could use a pencil to mark the location, especially if you’re a beginner. Next, place the center of the nail tip where the nail should be to avoid blowout, which refers to the nail coming out of the incorrect way. Be sure to correctly position the gun where the nail must go to avoid displacing the nail tip’s position.

Note: Nail blowouts are often caused by the bent angling of the gun, trim, or molding.

3: Push down the safety nose


Finish nailers come with a safety feature—a nose. It should first be pushed down entirely. If you don’t, the trigger of nail won’t be engaged and can’t be pulled.

4: Pull the trigger

Just like when using a handgun, you should also pull the trigger to release the nail from the finish nailer.


  • bostitch-finishing-nailerPlace the parts with a gauge. Use a gauge to acquire precise and steady placement of parts. Remember that you must keep the parts in place before you secure them using your finish nail gun.
  • Get rid of stray nails instantly. If you can’t pull out the nails, break them off instead. You could also twist the stray nails into position and strike them with a hammer later. However, usually, the best solution is to get rid of some of its parts and use your nail set to sink what you can no longer remove.
  • Open the latch to avoid nail jams. The latch (found in the front part) of a finishing nailer is easy to open, which is probably an obvious clue that you must unfasten it to get rid of the jammed nails. If you’re using a cordless unit, take out the battery before you open the latch. And if you’re using a pneumatic nailer, ensure that you unlink it from the air compressor too. Remember that safety must be your priority.

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3 of the Most Beautiful Walking Trails in Seoul


The capital of the Republic of Korea or South Korea may be a vibrant metropolitan city, but it is far from just being the proverbial concrete jungle that many imagine urban cities to be. In fact, Seoul hiking is a popular activity among many of its residents and tourists who know about the city’s famous trails. From walking trails steeped in history and culture to scenic paths into forests and valleys, here are some of the best walking trails to explore in Seoul.

The Daemosan Mountain Forest Trails is one of the most popular walking trails in the city. It is fairly easy to reach one of the many entrances leading to the main trail via subway. A trek to the summit of Daemosan takes about an hour with walkways that are easy enough to navigate even for beginners. The scenic trails and small trails begging to be walked and explored are just some of the top reasons that make it a great spot for a nature walk.

Cheonggyesan Mountain Wonteogol Valley Walking Trail boasts of lush forests, temples, and valleys among other interesting things. Like many of Seoul’s walking trails, you can take the subway to the nearest station to where the trail starts. The trail from Wonteogol Entrance stretches to about three kilometers and is easy to navigate making it one of the most popular trails in the area.

Noeul (Sunset) Park
The Noeul Park Noeul-gil Trail of Mapo-gu is famous for its great view of the sunset in the city. The park is also a popular camping ground making it an excellent nature getaway in the heart of the city.

Unleashing Your Inner Explorer


Going on adventures is not just about the thrill of finding a place you’ve never been to before. It’s also not just about the thrill of doing something you’ve never done before.

Going on adventures is about unleashing your inner explorer. It’s about discovering what you are truly passionate about, along with all those scenic views and tranquil waters or even lush forests that Mother Nature has introduced to you. It’s about learning what you are truly capable of, along with all those fun activities and I-will-not-die-for-this activities or even I-am-going-to-die-here activities that other people have introduced to you.

That being said, here are some ways to unleash your inner explorer:


Every traveller does his research before going somewhere, be it a new place or an old hangout. Every traveler also does his research before doing something, be it a normal thing or a dangerous goal. Regardless, do your research – not just to know more about where to go and what to do, but also about how to do it (for safety measures) and who can do it (for further safety measures).


If you think there’s no need to exercise as you’ll just be walking almost the entire day to set up camp on a high cliff, think again. You’ll never know. You might decide to go bungee jumping with your friends on that high cliff. And you’ll never know. You might be left out as your body is not conditioned enough to jump on that high cliff. So, try doing some pilates roll like a ball. And so, you’ll be good to go.


No, it doesn’t mean vodka. And no, it doesn’t mean beer. It means drinking water as much as you can to replenish all the lost fluids from your body after sweating the entire day walking up that high cliff. This is for you to keep that energy up, without getting tired easily, and to keep that skin moisturized, without getting cracked painfully.