3 of the Most Beautiful Walking Trails in Seoul


The capital of the Republic of Korea or South Korea may be a vibrant metropolitan city, but it is far from just being the proverbial concrete jungle that many imagine urban cities to be. In fact, Seoul hiking is a popular activity among many of its residents and tourists who know about the city’s famous trails. From walking trails steeped in history and culture to scenic paths into forests and valleys, here are some of the best walking trails to explore in Seoul.

The Daemosan Mountain Forest Trails is one of the most popular walking trails in the city. It is fairly easy to reach one of the many entrances leading to the main trail via subway. A trek to the summit of Daemosan takes about an hour with walkways that are easy enough to navigate even for beginners. The scenic trails and small trails begging to be walked and explored are just some of the top reasons that make it a great spot for a nature walk.

Cheonggyesan Mountain Wonteogol Valley Walking Trail boasts of lush forests, temples, and valleys among other interesting things. Like many of Seoul’s walking trails, you can take the subway to the nearest station to where the trail starts. The trail from Wonteogol Entrance stretches to about three kilometers and is easy to navigate making it one of the most popular trails in the area.

Noeul (Sunset) Park
The Noeul Park Noeul-gil Trail of Mapo-gu is famous for its great view of the sunset in the city. The park is also a popular camping ground making it an excellent nature getaway in the heart of the city.