Unleashing Your Inner Explorer


Going on adventures is not just about the thrill of finding a place you’ve never been to before. It’s also not just about the thrill of doing something you’ve never done before.

Going on adventures is about unleashing your inner explorer. It’s about discovering what you are truly passionate about, along with all those scenic views and tranquil waters or even lush forests that Mother Nature has introduced to you. It’s about learning what you are truly capable of, along with all those fun activities and I-will-not-die-for-this activities or even I-am-going-to-die-here activities that other people have introduced to you.

That being said, here are some ways to unleash your inner explorer:


Every traveller does his research before going somewhere, be it a new place or an old hangout. Every traveler also does his research before doing something, be it a normal thing or a dangerous goal. Regardless, do your research – not just to know more about where to go and what to do, but also about how to do it (for safety measures) and who can do it (for further safety measures).


If you think there’s no need to exercise as you’ll just be walking almost the entire day to set up camp on a high cliff, think again. You’ll never know. You might decide to go bungee jumping with your friends on that high cliff. And you’ll never know. You might be left out as your body is not conditioned enough to jump on that high cliff. So, try doing some pilates roll like a ball. And so, you’ll be good to go.


No, it doesn’t mean vodka. And no, it doesn’t mean beer. It means drinking water as much as you can to replenish all the lost fluids from your body after sweating the entire day walking up that high cliff. This is for you to keep that energy up, without getting tired easily, and to keep that skin moisturized, without getting cracked painfully.